5 Reasons Why A General Contractor Is Essential In Preconstruction

January 1, 2015
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The most successful real estate developments start with a strong team. From the preliminary design through the final punch list, a highly successful team demonstrates open and frequent communication, trust, and accountability. At Moseley Construction Group, we choose to differentiate ourselves by offering preconstruction services, free of charge. We want to be there in the beginning to help guide the project to a successful finish. Here are five reasons why getting involved early has been an effective practice for us:


1. Keep the project on schedule

No one knows the construction schedule as well as a project’s general contractor. A good general contractor lives by a detailed schedule and critical path to project completion. Addressing the schedule, timing of material delivery and utilities early in the process can significantly decrease the odds of a setback or delay.


2. Keep the project on budget

Sticking to the budget is arguably the most important aspect of completing a project. With the complexities of investor relationships, lenders, and stakeholders, oftentimes the owner needs someone to help advocate for ever-fluctuating project costs. With a host of material options, unforeseen expenses such as hazardous material removal, utility issues, and the risk of costly project delays, it is important to not only be budget conscious, but to financially plan for unforeseen events. As the General Contractor, we take every decision into account in terms of the budget. Plus, earlier involvement on our part means more time to consider any value engineering options.

3. Create trust and build relationships

Real Estate is a people industry; it’s not always about what and who you know, but how well can you work with the people on the development team. Development projects go on for months and sometimes even years. Creating trust takes time; selecting the right team early in the process allows more time for the team and trust building. One of our main objectives with each project is to earn our clients’ trust and ultimately repeat business.


4. Minimize the risk of mistakes in the drawings

The last thing we want to do is break ground on a project only to realize that there are a heap of mistakes on the drawings that need to be reexamined. Having a general contractor such as Moseley Construction Group involved during preconstruction means there are: 1. An extra set of eyes on the drawings, and 2. By working with Moseley in preconstruction, you will have our fear free change order guarantee, which means we will not charge a mark-up if a mistake is identified on the drawings. This eliminates the fear that owners may have of general contractors taking advantage of mistakes.


5. Leverage your GC’s subcontractor relationships early in the process

General contractors talk to the local labor force and trades sector on a daily basis. They have extensive relationships with the people who are essential to get a project done.  Even if the project isn’t set to break ground for a year out, having the right subcontractors lined up early in the process will help keep the budget and schedule on track. We have taken the time to cultivate a preferred list of trades who we feel are not only cost-effective, but the best craftsmen in their field.


Having a strong relationship with a quality general contractor will ensure that your project will run much more efficiently. We are budget and schedule conscious, are looking for long term quality clients, have outstanding relationships with subcontractors, tradesmen, and the labor force, and we offer a fear-free change order guarantee as a part of The Moseley Difference.


Do you have a project in the design phase that you’d like to discuss with us? Give us a call at (703) 870-7991 or email info@moseleyconstructiongroup.com

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Posted by Candice Gasper, Business Development Manager at Moseley Construction Group